Chapter Adelaide has been part of Wolfmen Oceania since 2013. President Gerry originally from Lone brothers mc remained in very good standing after the club was shut down and chapter Pattaya was formed. From there chapter Adelaide grew to four members who still stay loyal to our brotherhood despite the ongoing draconian anti-biker laws imposed by the Australian government, laws which currently state: Anymore than three members of any club congregating in a public place can be imprisoned from a minimum of six months to three years, club colors and jewellery banned, clubhouses shut down and so on... So recruiting new members into chapter Adelaide may prove difficult for some time until those wearing suits (the real criminals) decide/or are forced to take a more lenient approach, for example - targeting individual criminals instead of innocent bikers under the "guilty by association law".
So our brothers down under are indeed standing firm in the face of this adversity which is no suprise because they are Wolfmen and take no shit!
Chapter Adelaide is our most southerly Wolfmen chapter and very important strategically. From here hopefully Wolfmen Oceania will expand even further soon and our Aussie bro's can play a big part in the success and ride free. WffW

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